About us

Technical Service S.A.S. di Alfredo Bianchi is situated in Vaprio d’Agogna and worked for years in the body shop Market. Alfredo Bianchi worked in the industry for over 30 years.
Alfredo is been a body shop mechanic and a painting technician, therefore, he makes available to his customers all his experience.

Technical Service designs and installs, with the help of its qualified technicians, spray boots and equipment, in Italy and foreing. Technical Service also provide for planned maintenance, waste disposal, waste classification and analysis, analysis of atmospheric emissions.

Proudly we communicate to everyone that in March 2014, Technical Service is officially the exclusive distributor in Italy for Filtrair brand.
Through this collaboration, the company will offer its customers, all over Italy, the complete product range of filters (sleeves, pockets, cells, etc) and marketed filters (celian filter, pre-filter and paint stop) from the Technical Service.